Saturday, October 23, 2010

Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

Today we went to the pumpkin patch with our good friends Angie and Aaron. We had fun but boy there is a story which I will share with you all. First of all.. I forgot the stroller!!!!! All parents will understand why this is a bad thing. I carried the 21lb baby around ALL DAY LONG! He was great but boy he ain't light!! Anyway we walk up to the festival and go to get some food since we are all starving. Well, the place we went to only accepted cash or check. I didn't have cash so i wrote a check while holding Austin. The lady at the counter was so nice.. She understood that I wasn't going to be able to get my tray to the table so she asked her son who was maybe 10 to help me out which he so graciously did. Angie and Aaron had went ahead to grab us a picnic table since this place was VERY busy. Well, let me just say that Butler's Orchard will put picnic tables ANYWHERE... even on the side of a hill!!! Yes we were sitting on the slope.There were some people we were sharing the table with and they were sitting on the upper part of the sloped table. The guy sitting beside me had a big opened bottle of pepsi. The table was bumped and down came the pepsi, spilling onto my pumkin pie. He apologized but I knew it was totally an accident. I mean come on we are on a damn hill!!! Austin is sitting in my lap at this time and is playing int he ketchup lol and Brett is throwing a fit. And the bees....oh the bees LOVED us!!! Maybe cause we are so sweet... (I'm just throwing that possibility out there).But you know what I ate that damn pie and it was good! A little carbonated but good. LOL! So after we ate we let the kids jump in the hay and bounce houses then we let them go down this very cool slide which I also went down and LOVED! That was sooo much fun! We then went to pick our pumpkins. Angie and Aaron went to the other side of the patch because they were in search of smaller pumpkins but I found a couple of good ones in the front so we just stayed put. Well, Brett decided he needed to pee and was VERY loud about it. I told him he would just have to hold it and once we had paid for our pumpkins then we could find a place. So he calmed down... then came the business of getting in line with the two big pumpkins. Now keep in mind that I have a camera around my neck ( gotta get those pics), Austin on my hip and two pumpkins to carry. Needless to say i didnt' carry them...I kicked them all the way to the line until Angie and Aaron caught back up with us and were able to help.As I am standing in line Austin starts fussing and gets louder and louder. And we are still kicking the pumpkins along. I then feel something warm on my arm and look down to see that Austin has puked on me. GREAT!!!! When it is our turn to check out the guy gave me the total and mentioned that he needed to see my license if I was writing a check and the look i gave him must have been a look of death cause he said you know what don't worry about it and then he only charged me $2.75 for both pumpkins. I asked him twice how much they were and both times he said that. We then loaded up in the car and drove home. Now Brett rode with Angie and Aaron in her car. And apparently Brett failed to mention to angie, as did I, (cause i forgot) that he had to pee. Well, they beat me to the house and by that point he couldn't hold it and peed on Angie. SO SORRY!!! If you are like me you are laughing about all of this. While it was stressful at the time,now looking back, it is pretty funny. And the kids had a good time and that is what is most important. Here are some pics of our day! Happy FALL!



I just wanted to say Thanks for following my blog. I hope you really enjoy it. You have a very cute family! I have heard a lot of nice things from Deb about you. : )

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