Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Just had to share this... After the lady who is packing our stuff packed our kitchen I realized that she packed our bread box... bread and all! Now, I just don't understand this. She is a mom and a grandmother herself so she should know that the bread isn't surviving the move. So I have a nice blue box to look forward to when we get to Hawaii. She even made the comment.. I would pack your chips that are open but I don't think they would do well in the move. DUH!!!! Gotta love it!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Let the Craziness Begin!!!!

The week is finally here!!! Our movers get here Wednesday!!! ACK!!!!! I have to start loading our suitcases which means that the dogs will start their normal moping like they do everytime they see a suitcase. Thankfully I am all caught up on my laundry (mark this date down in history) so I just have to keep up with it and wash up last minute blankets or anything that I want to get a good cleaning before being packed for 2-3 months. There are many errands to be run and a few phone calls to make... but either way this week is our last week in our house. Kinda sad about this kinda excited. Thankfully, John will be able to come home and be here while the movers are packing us so that I can have help with the kids and be able to get some of the errands done. Our pre move out inspection is this morning so I am sitting here enjoying a nice cup of coffee... Austin is fussing beside me which means I better get up and get to it. Let the chaos begin!!! :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Austin Laughing

Today I was going through a box in my bedroom in preparation for the move. Austin was my little side kick while Brett was playing on the nick jr. website. As I started ripping up papers that we no longer needed, Austin started laughing.. He laughed so hard he fell over at one point( and no I didn't get that part on video :(. I have never heard the child laugh that hard.. He had me rolling! He was in such a good mood. Probably the best mood he has been in weeks. He has had a rough week between teething and the croup so it was nice to see him in such a GREAT mood. Love my little guy.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Lately it seems that time is really flying by. I guess it started once I had Austin..I mean where did this year go?! It seems that we should still be in summer but we are thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas now. Can't believe it is time for all of that! Austin is over half way to ONE already!!! That just shocks the pants right off me! Well, not really but you know what I mean. :P And in the past couple weeks time has started moving at a warp speed!!!! I was thinking that today was Tuesday and then it hit me no this is THursday. The end of the last full week in this house!!! I cant' believe it is time to move! I am so excited to be going home for a while and so excited for our family to get some time with the boys. It is also kinda sad to say goodbye to a place that has left us with so many memories. WAY to many to mention. Brett was in a crib when we moved here and now he is in preschool and can carry on a decent conversation. We also have another little one now in a crib. CRAZY!!!!! I can think of some really fun times that we had here. Like Brett really learning how to talk. Finding out we were pregnant with Austin, Bringing Austin home from the hospital, Birthdays, holidays when we had to live with Caitlin and ALex while we were waiting on base housing... Now there was some adventures there LOL. And then there was DEb and my Ikea trips.. those were fun. Hanging out with Jess on cold winter afternoons while the boys played... target trips with Dana.. target trips with Deb.... coffee nights with Angie...popping over to Deb's house for a chat...Going to Friendly's with Deb and the kids quiet nights at home with my boys. I could go on and on. There is so many good memories that I am taking with me as I go. I know I sound like a sap but I can't help it. It is almost like our lives are lived in 3 year increments. You change and grow so much during each duty station. It is so weird to think of what things were like when you moved here and how they are now. We have been very blessed while we were here. We have alot of great memories and have made some awesome friends! I am excited for our next adventure but I know that there are gonna be times when I REALLY miss this place and all of the friends we made here. I guess the one word that sums it up is BITTERSWEET.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween

So this post is a little late as well, but like i said we have been a tad busy. We spent Halloween hanging out at home. Austin was teething and had a runny nose. He was very fussy. John and I started packing for our big move and then Brett and I baked Halloween cupcakes. That evening we all went trick or treating. Brett had a BLAST!!! He kept saying " OH they have lights on!! Lets go!" He was SOOOO into it this year! I loved it! He did ask to go to Ms. Deb's but I had to tell him that they had moved already.I think he thought that we would go trick or treating with them like we did last year. He said he wanted to ride in the wagon . Thankfully once I told him they had moved he was ok with that. He couldn't see good with his mask on so he would raise it up so he could see while he was walking around. As soon as he got to another house he had to put his mask on as soon as he knocked. It was so cute. We hit every house that had lights on in our neighborhood. And the result was a HUGE bowl of candy that he dove into as soon as he got home. That night we wound up having to take Austin to Righttime Pediatrics b/c of croup. He was given a shot of steroids and more to take at home. That has made him EXTREEMLY fussy, but we are getting through it. Just thank God he is ok. So here are a few pics of our War Machine and Dinosaur trick or treating.

Happy 7 months Austin

I am a little late putting this up. We have been slightly busy getting ready for this move and Austin has been sick. Yeah, been a little crazy. But anyway.... our little guy turned 7 months on the 29th of Oct. He is 21 lbs now and is just so darn cute if i do say so myself. Love you Chunky Monkey!!!
6 Months

7 Months