Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy 4 Months Austin!

Wow, it seems like yesterday that I was posting about Austin turning three months! Time sure does have a way of flying by doesn't it?! This month Austin started rolling over and has it mastered now. He has also started baby jibberish! It is sooo cute! He has the funniest little laugh and is VERY smiley! I would definitely say we have settled in to having two babies now. It definitely has taken some getting used to but all well worth it when you hear you kids laugh and play together! Here is a pic from last month and then a pic from today! Happy 4 months Austin! Mommy, Daddy, and Brett love you very much!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Love my babies

Just thought I would post a video of my sweet boys. :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Eating Solids!!

So yesterday I decided to go ahead and give Austin some baby oatmeal cereal! At first he gave me this horrid look like what did you just put into my mouth. LOL But then he started chowing down and did really well with it! He seems to like it pretty good too! I also purchased a Bumbo seat for him yesterday which helps him to sit up. He seems to like that ok as well. So yesterday was a big day for our little guy! He is getting sooo big! Love him:)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Walk Down Memory Lane

So I was looking at my Myspace account which I hardly ever log into anymore and I found some videos of Brett when he was about 18 months or so. He has grown up soooo much since then( and yes I know kids have a way of doing that). I had forgotten some of the little things he would say at that age and watching those videos flooded me with memories of when our little Brett Brett spoke nothing but "{baby chinese". Or when he would say "want down, want down" for everything!!! Even when he wanted up for you to hold him..LOL He had the chubbiest little cheeks and they would bounce when he would run... which was all the time. He NEVER walked.... that took too long...LOL. I just cant believe how much he has changed and how fast it has all been! I get so busy in the day to day that I don't stop and realize how fast these boys are changing every day! Austin is already getting ready to teethe! It seems like yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital. Seeing those videos made me think that maybe I should slow down a little and take the time to enjoy all those fleeting precious moments that happen every day! Before we know it they will be all grown up! Seeing that video just made me wish we could keep our babies small just a little bit longer.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

So today was our nation's birthday. I was trying to explain this to Brett this morning as we were eating breakfast and he just couldn't wrap his little brain around that fact. I said well you know all of the outside... it is the outside's birthday and he says.. well what about the inside..LOL. Gotta love him. So I bought the boys matching shirts for was the first time they had dressed alike. I must say they looked absolutely ADORABLE!!!! We went to church and after the boys napped Brett rode his Jeep around the neighborhood. He LOVES that thing. He had to give Chloe a ride... that was so cute! John grilled some steaks that were yummy. THank you, baby! Deb and Larry were nice enough to let Brett play in their pool so Deb and I sat out there and drank some wine while the kids played. Then we watched the fireworks and Brett did some sparklers. NOw both boys are in bed and I am relaxing with yet another glass of wine. I hope everyone had a great 4th and didnt' forget what today was really about... celebrating our nations birthday and remembering all the sacrifices that were made and that are being made so we can live freely in this country. Thank you baby for all that you do. I hope everyone had a great day!