Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Brett's Discovery

So the other day Brett had just gotten home from school and was putting his back pack away, getting ready to relax on the couch for a bit. I was going about my business, heading into the dining room, when Brett, out of no where, says I found out where my balls are today. Now that will make anyone stop dead in their tracks. Of course I immediately walked back over to my dear 6 year old son and asked...."What did you say?" The rest of the convo went like this....

Brett - " I said I found out where my balls are today

Me - Oh really, where are they

Brett - (grabbing his area) they are right here, in a pouch

Me - (fighting laughter) oh yeah? a pouch huh.

Brett - Yup and it would hurt if you hit them.

Me - Yes, son, yes it would.... But how did you find out about all this?

Brett - my classmate told me

Me - But he only told you right? he didn't physically touch them to show you where they were did he?

Brett - (grabbing area again) Oh no I'm the only one that touched my balls

Me - (shaking my head as I walk away) Ok son good deal!

Fast forward to later that night. In the shuffle of the day i forgot to mention to John about the ball discovery... but he found out about it on his own. Austin had just went to bed and I was still upstairs, when I heard John ask Brett do you think that is appropriate? My eyes go wide because I know it probably has something to do with the day's findings. I meet John as he is coming up the stairs. LOL I ask John what happened... and ask if it had anything to do with balls. He says yes it did! Then proceeds to tell me that he hears brett telling his friend.. I'm touching my balls Im touching my balls! John looks over, sure enough Brett has his hands down his pants.  I then of course explained what happened earlier, and John and I spent 20 minutes laughing quietly upstairs in our room.  And that is the story of Brett's Discovery.