Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween

So this post is a little late as well, but like i said we have been a tad busy. We spent Halloween hanging out at home. Austin was teething and had a runny nose. He was very fussy. John and I started packing for our big move and then Brett and I baked Halloween cupcakes. That evening we all went trick or treating. Brett had a BLAST!!! He kept saying " OH they have lights on!! Lets go!" He was SOOOO into it this year! I loved it! He did ask to go to Ms. Deb's but I had to tell him that they had moved already.I think he thought that we would go trick or treating with them like we did last year. He said he wanted to ride in the wagon . Thankfully once I told him they had moved he was ok with that. He couldn't see good with his mask on so he would raise it up so he could see while he was walking around. As soon as he got to another house he had to put his mask on as soon as he knocked. It was so cute. We hit every house that had lights on in our neighborhood. And the result was a HUGE bowl of candy that he dove into as soon as he got home. That night we wound up having to take Austin to Righttime Pediatrics b/c of croup. He was given a shot of steroids and more to take at home. That has made him EXTREEMLY fussy, but we are getting through it. Just thank God he is ok. So here are a few pics of our War Machine and Dinosaur trick or treating.



Girl Brett looks like you in this picture of him smiling. :o)

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