Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's a Puke and Poop Party!!!

haha!! that is what the past 3 days(wow it has only been three days.. it seems like an ETERNITY) have felt like. Ever since Wednesday morning Austin has been puking and other stuff off and on. John and I have cleaned up more bodily fluids than we ever cared to. I finally decided that he wasn't getting better and took him in to walk-in acute care this morning. WOW!!!! I waited there for over 2 hours to be seen and then the doc tells me it is most likely a virus. But just to be on the safe side he sends me home with a vial that I have to fill with my son's poop to make sure it is not a parasite. LOVELY! He also told me to keep him on the BRAT diet. He then told me that this could last 1-3 WEEKS!!!! Yep you read right WEEKS!!!!! So then I start stressing cause I am thinking about poor Austin going through this for that long and also everything that is coming up in the next couple weeks. Hopefully we won't all come down with it. There is so much coming up with Brett's birthday, the Navy ball, and Deb coming into town. So stupid virus we dont have time for you GO AWAY!!!! OH and John's tummy started cramping today. LOVELY!!! So please pray that this virus will just quietly exit its way out of our lives! I AM SOOOOOO DONE!!!!!!!!


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