Sunday, June 27, 2010

River Valley Ranch

Yesterday was such an awesome day. We loaded the boys up yesterday morning and met our friends Mike and Heather in Baltimore. We then followed them to River Valley Ranch. Brett had a blast. We had a yummy lunch and then went on a hay ride. Brett kept saying how much fun this was.Austin spent most of the day in just a diaper. He was passed around from Daddy, to mommy, to mike and heather. He was awesome and didnt' fuss too bad at all. He even fell asleep on the VERY bumpy hayride. We all had yummy snowcones to combat the heat... boy was it HOT!!!! Brett also put his swimsuit on and played in the stream. We caught him throwing rocks into the stream to splash people so we promptly told him that was not acceptable. Well, a little boy splashed Brett really good... so what does my son do? He picks up a rock walks over to the boy and drops it right beside him. Splashed the mess out of the boy.. Brett then laughs really hard. He always seems to find a loop hole. Although, you gotta give him credit that was pretty smart. LOL They had a couple of bouncy houses there and Brett had a blast on those. At the end of the day there was a rodeo! Brett LOVED it!!!! It was alot of fun. We then finished the day with dinner at Chilis. The boys were both exhausted and slept really good last night.


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