Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy Birthday John!!!

Yesterday was JOhn's 31st birthday. We were able to spend the day together. just the two of us thanks to our great friends here. The day started out with breakfast at one of our favorite places on the island, Cinnamons. You can't go wrong with red velvet pancakes.. they are out of this world amazing!!!! John ordered the tall stack of buttermilk pancakes. They were HUGE!!!!! Each pancake was probably at least an inch thick and there were four of them!!! See pick below. We then headed to Maunawili Falls to do some hiking. Keep in mind that we were thinking this hike would take like 45 min to get to the top and about 30 to get back down. WRONG!!!!! It took like 2 hours to get to the top. There was sooooooo much mud and roots the whole way.. and the steps killed!!! It was so much fun though and so pretty. I so enjoyed doing that with my hubby. We will definately be hiking more together. The falls were really pretty but I think the best part was the hike itself. We then came home... saw our baby boys for a bit and then left to go to Yardhouse to eat. That place is so yummy!! We ended the night with watching Warrior. Awesome movie! I cried! All in all I think my hubby had a good birthday! Here are some pics of our day!


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